While our economy is looking better than it was a year or two ago, the unemployment rate is still high. It is important for U.S. based companies to consider employing their fellow Americans, instead of outsourcing or off shoring jobs to other parts of the globe. Most companies send work to other countries because it ends up being significantly cheaper to pay the employees. On top of cheap salaries, companies can get away with making their products out of materials that cost less compared to purchasing those materials in the U.S. While the company often sees a higher initial profit, their products are lower quality which can hurt their customer service and customer satisfaction.

Sarah Seven

Companies who keep their business inside of the U.S. are doing their part to ensure jobs are staying local and the unemployment rate does not rise any higher than it currently is. Over 307,000,000 people currently live in the United States. If those same people spent one dollar every month of a year on products that were 100% made in the U.S., this would boost the U.S. economy completely. In fact, this would be equivalent of an extra 3.5 billion dollars being put directly back into the U.S. economy. This lowers the unemployment rate and keeps out outgoing monetary resources local.

One company who serves as the perfect example of this is Sarah Seven. Sarah Seven is a dress designer from Portland, Oregon who uses her Indie style to creative beautiful, vintage inspired dresses with a modern twist. While Sarah Seven could probably purchase material from other parts of the globe and save thousands of dollars she would then keep as profit, she instead purchases fabric and material from U.S. vendors. Sarah could probably outsource some of the sewing and hand-making of the dresses as well but instead she chooses to keep business inside her own country. This allows customers to see that she values her country and local Portland community, and also ensures she can have more of a say in who is making the fabric she is working with. If she were to outsource, there is little Sarah can do to enforce quality control whereas, in the U.S., Sarah is able to see exactly the sort of quality her material is before she purchases it to hand make the dresses. Maintaining their “made in the “ motto is something Sarah Seven should be proud of.